Exploring the theme of experience in Art with a focus in interactive installations.


"No artist today can ignore space-time. We must find artists, even among those who continue to work within two-dimensional formats, who provoke a new sentiment: that in art there are no longer observers but participants. The artist does not have the final word."

-Jesus Rafael Soto

Jesus Rafael Soto has to be my favorite of the Kinectic artists. All of his work is incredibly intriguing especially his better known works, the Penetrables. These installations vary in both color and exhibition space as some are either installed indoors or they are integrated in open environments. The Penetrables consists of huge cubes of nylon wires hanging from the upper part of the structure that invite the viewer to become part of the work. The work changes as people walk, run, play and cross the nylon structure and the spectators must redefine their relationship to the space around them. In Soto’s work, movement is always linked to the presence, in most instances to the body itself.